My Best Tips for Surviving the First Trimester of Pregnancy

The first trimester is an exciting and transformative time as you embark on the incredible journey of growing a new life within you. However, it is also filled with physical and emotional changes, which can make you feel overwhelmed and drained. At least it was to me. I’ve made a list of the most valuable tips I can think of that really helped me get through the first trimester of my pregnancy.

Educate Yourself
Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to pregnancy. For me, understanding the physical and emotional changes I experienced during the first trimester helped me feel more prepared and empowered.

Prioritize Self-Care
During the first trimester, your body is working hard to create the perfect environment for your little growing baby. I really found that making self-care a top priority was helpful for me. I always tried to make sure I get enough rest and took the time to care for myself by doing some of the things I love. Listen to your body's needs and take breaks when necessary. Remember, your body is working hard, and I learned how crucial it is to provide it with the rest it needs.

Manage Morning Sickness
Morning sickness is a common and very unpleasant symptom during the first trimester, and I was very much hit by this too, making many days almost impossible to get through. For me, it helped eating small, frequent meals throughout the day, to prevent my stomach from becoming empty. I stuck to bland and easily digestible foods like crackers, toast, or rice. Also, I tried just eating whatever felt right to me and didn’t feel bad or stopped myself when all I wanted was chocolate and lemonade. Ginger, whether in the form of ginger tea or just lots of ginger in the food I made, provided relief for me too.

Explore Techniques to Unwind and Find Relaxation
Pregnancy can often be a time of heightened stress and anxiety, and for me, this was dominating during my first trimester. I found it helpful to explore some stress management techniques, such as meditation, yoga, and journaling. I found a few ways to relax and unwind, allowing myself moments of calmness in the midst of all the changes and the many thoughts that came with these. I’ve actually shared some of some inspiration for self-loving, night-time rituals for you to practice during the first trimester here. Perhaps you can find some inspiration.

All in all, the first trimester was undoubtedly a unique and transformative period filled with excitement, challenges, and physical changes for me. By prioritizing self-care, seeking knowledge, and finding ways to navigate potential stress and anxiety, I got to somehow navigate this stage with more confidence and ease. Remember to be kind to yourself, listen to your body during this transformative time, and try to enjoy this incredible journey of creating new life.

x SoKind, Alberte, first-time mom