Bubble Time

A soft, foaming Shampoo and Body Soap that contains nourishing oils from Oats and Jojoba. The mild formulation with oils and Aloe Vera ensures a mild cleansing for skin and hair, without having a drying effect.
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Bubble Time

The Signature

Bubble Time

Make bath time even more joyous with this soft, foamy shampoo and body wash. Utilizing aloe vera, oats and jojoba oil, it gently cleanses skin and hair, and ensures a calming experience with soap that stems from coconuts, making sure bath time remains an experience without tears.


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"Setting a new standard in vegan skincare for mums and babies, SoKind's formulas are grounded within the principles of purity..."

"...specialises in natural and gentle skincare for Mother and Baby"

"We love SoKind because they create natural alternatives for mom and baby, that works for the most sensitive skin..."

"Love Lines from SoKind is a special gem of skincare if you're looking for something natural and deeply nourishing..."

Your Bubble Time ritual

How to use Bubble Time

Water: Start with wam water on childs hair and skin.

Apply: Carefully apply a small amount of foaming Bubble Time.

Rinse: Rinse off thoroughly with leaving any soap behind.

No fuzz: Out mild formula ensures happy, and gentle bath time.

Sensation with Substance

Key ingredients

We have carefully selected natural ingredients with a focus on effectiveness and gentleness. Inspired by Nordic nature, our products ensure both gentle and effective care for your skin.

Oat Kernel Oil

Creates a healthy skin barrier, protects and maintains moisture, and has anti-inflammatory qualities.

Jojoba Seed Oil

A hydration miracle that replicates natural skin oils, preventing dryness by deeply moisturizing and fortifying skin resilience.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice

Soothes and hydrates the skin, aiding in cell repair and collagen boost. Reduces inflammation, promoting a healthier skin texture.

Try the kit

Dear Baby Skin Care Kit

We have chosen 4 products that, in combination, makes the full routine for baby skincare, with special focus on nourishing, protecting, and keeping babys skin soft and healthy.

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