Renew You Dry Brush

Meticulously designed to elevate your skincare routine and leave your skin feeling impeccably smooth, rejuvenated, and radiant.
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Renew You Dry Brush

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Renew You drybrush

Experience the transformative power of our Renewing Dry Brush, meticulously designed to elevate your skincare routine and leave your skin feeling impeccably smooth, rejuvenated, and radiant. This exceptional dry brush unlocks a world of benefits, specifically tailored to address a range of skin concerns and promote a visibly healthier complexion.


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Your Renew You Drybrush ritual

How to use your Drybrush

Step 1: Dry brushing is most effective on dry skin, so make sure your body is completely dry before you start. You can use your dry brush before or after showering, whichever you prefer.

Step 2: Start with the feet - Start brushing the feet with upward strokes towards the heart. Use firm but gentle pressure as the goal is to exfoliate the skin and improve circulation, not to scrub the skin too hard.

Step 3: Move up the legs - Continue brushing in long, smooth movements up the legs, always brushing towards the heart. Work on the entire leg, front, back and sides. Be extra careful on sensitive areas.

Step 4: Continue with the arms - Start from the fingers and brush towards the heart. Brush the entire arm, including the forearms.

Step 5: Brush your upper body - Brush your stomach and chest in upward strokes, working towards your heart.

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How to clean your Drybrush

After use, clean the brush by tapping it against a clean, flat surface.

For thorough cleaning we recommend the following steps approximately every 2-3 weeks, or as needed:

Wet the bristles of your dry brush thoroughly under lukewarm water. Avoid getting a lot of water on the wooden part of the brush as this can damage it over time.

Apply a small amount of mild soap to the bristles. An unscented liquid soap or mild baby shampoo is perfect for this.

Gently massage the bristles with your fingers.

Rinse the soap thoroughly out of the bristles under lukewarm water and make sure all the soap is washed away.

Gently press a clean towel against the bristles to remove excess water. Remember to be careful to avoid damaging the brush.

Finally, let the brush air dry. It's best to dry the brush with the hairs facing down so that all the water can drip off and evaporate.

The 7 biggest benefits of dry brushing

Exfoliation: Dry brushing helps to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores, allowing the skin to breathe and absorb moisture more effectively.

Improved blood circulation: Dry brushing increases blood flow and stimulates the lymphatic system. This can help reduce swelling in the legs and ankles.

Lymphatic drainage: Dry brushing can help promote lymphatic drainage, which helps the body eliminate toxins and waste products more effectively.

Cellulite reduction: Dry brushing can help stimulate the breakdown of fat deposits under the skin, making cellulite less visible.

Collagen boosting: The gentle stimulation from the brush helps maintain skin elasticity, resulting in more radiant and firmer skin.

Energy boost: When the brush is gently stroked over the skin, blood circulation is stimulated. This helps to revitalize both body and mind.

Well-being: The repetitive movements of the brush against the skin can be meditative and allow you to find a moment of relaxation amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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